taiHEN  1.0
CFW framework for PS Vita
Data Fields
__attribute__ Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned char e_ident [EI_NIDENT]
Elf32_Half e_type
Elf32_Half e_machine
Elf32_Word e_version
Elf32_Addr e_entry
Elf32_Off e_phoff
Elf32_Off e_shoff
Elf32_Word e_flags
Elf32_Half e_ehsize
Elf32_Half e_phentsize
Elf32_Half e_phnum
Elf32_Half e_shentsize
Elf32_Half e_shnum
Elf32_Half e_shstrndx
uint32_t magic
uint32_t version
uint16_t sdk_type
uint16_t header_type
uint32_t metadata_offset
uint64_t header_len
uint64_t elf_filesize
uint64_t self_filesize
uint64_t unknown
uint64_t self_offset
uint64_t appinfo_offset
uint64_t elf_offset
uint64_t phdr_offset
uint64_t shdr_offset
uint64_t section_info_offset
uint64_t sceversion_offset
uint64_t controlinfo_offset
uint64_t controlinfo_size
uint64_t padding
uint64_t offset
uint64_t size
uint32_t compressed
uint32_t unknown1
uint32_t encrypted
uint32_t unknown2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file hen.c.

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