taiHEN  1.0
CFW framework for PS Vita
Data Fields
_tai_module_info Struct Reference

Extended module information. More...

#include <taihen.h>

Data Fields

size_t size
 Structure size, set to sizeof(tai_module_info_t)
SceUID modid
 Module UID.
uint32_t module_nid
 Module NID.
char name [27]
 Module name.
uintptr_t exports_start
 Pointer to export table in process address space.
uintptr_t exports_end
 Pointer to end of export table.
uintptr_t imports_start
 Pointer to import table in process address space.
uintptr_t imports_end
 Pointer to end of import table.

Detailed Description

Extended module information.

This supplements the output of sceKernelGetModuleInfo

Definition at line 53 of file taihen.h.

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